Changing Minds

I have the answer to many of the issues holding you back in life. Whether you want to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Beat a Phobia, Combat Stress, Become more Motivated, or Think Like a Winner, I have the answer. My Promise “I promise to treat you in the fewest possible sessions for quick, long lasting result”


Hypnosis is a proven method to help you stop smoking. No matter how many cigarettes you smoke, or how many times you’ve failed before, an hour’s session with me can help you beat the nicotine. Also suitable for those addicted to nicotine replacement products such as Gum, Patches and eCigs (Vaping). Find Out More…


Weight Loss

Whether you need some motivation and direction to lose a few pounds, or your weight has become a more serious issue, we can help. We offer two different weight loss solutions, each tailored to your specific needs. Find Out More…

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Phobias are often defined as “irrational fears” – but we know that when you suffer from anxiety due to a percieved threat of danger, it is far from irrational to you! If you think you have a phobia of something unique – come and see us, Our sympathetic and experienced consultants will change your life, so that the fear no longer exists. Find Out More…


To Change Your Life Tomorrow, Call Us Today – 07813676307